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A lot of people have been asking us about the BRUUMRUUM! installation is located next to the Disseny Hub building. BruumRuum! is a project created by David Torrents & artec3 in collaboration with LEDsCONTROL that graphic light installation a ground level that creates a special dialogue between citizens and public space through the use of sound and light. It functions as a kind of large ear that listens and reacts to the words and sounds it hears.

The installation reacts to the intensity of voices and the ambient sound that the city generates using sensors that have been installed around the plaza that instigate changes in the shape and colours of the image created by the lights. The intervention combines colour and sound using 550 LEDs embedded throughout an area of 3,300m². 

The installation consists of colour lights that are in constant motion and move thanks to sensors that pick up sound from the environment. The senses are found at street level and are sensitive to the intensity of the sound, capturing the sounds of passing traffic, the conversations of people walking by as well as more remote sounds that are translated by the lighting plot with delicate and subtle movements.  

You can interact with the curious and innovative installation every day from 9.30 p.m. to 11.00 p.m.


De dilluns a diumenge de 21.30 h a 23.00 h


Plaça adjacent a l’edifici Disseny Hub Barcelona

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