The galleries

Galleries played a key role in the dissemination of the new jewellery movement. This process was led in particular by MAP in Cologne, Am Graben in Vienna, Electrum Gallery in London, and Ra in Amsterdam. Many of these were managed by women who were also collectors.

Some galleries of this type also opened In Catalonia. In 1974 Teresa Capella and Hans Leicht launched their new Ophir Gallery in Berlin, together with Winfried Krüger, with whom they had trained at the Pforzheim School, a leading international institution for the new jewellery movement. Having arrived in Catalonia in 1978, they settled in Matadepera, where they opened La Vitrina, Catalonia’s first gallery-workshop, in 1983. 

The first specialist gallery in Barcelona was Galeria Hipòtesi, which was founded by Maria Luisa Samaranch, a graphic designer, publisher and collector, in 1986. The gallery was conceived as a showcase for new trends both in unique pieces and designs for small or medium-sized series, always with an open and international approach.

Espai Positura, which was devoted to the latest international jewellery trends, opened in 1987. It was driven by the Positura group, which at the time was composed of Ángeles López Antei, Marta Noguera Breis, Núria Matabosch and Lluís Gilberga. Another female jeweller, Anna Font, created the Galeria Gu, also in Barcelona, at the same time.