Orfebres FAD

The “new jewellery” movement was led by a number of jewellers, the 1940s generation, followed by the generation born in the 1950s, who defended the new values of jewellery. They did this mainly through the Orfebres FAD association, which was founded in 1979, and through the many activities carried out by it. Of these, a few exhibitions particularly stood out, such as the wide-ranging 80 anys de joieria i orfebreria catalanes 1900-1980 [80 years of Catalan jewellery and precious metal work 1900-1980], which was presented in 1981 and contained over 800 pieces. A few years later, in 1987, Orfebres FAD held the first major international “new jewellery” exhibition in Barcelona, entitled  Joieria Europea Contemporània [Contemporary European Jewellery]. This exhibition, which was admired for its unique 364 jewels created as a form of artistic expression and communication, brought together the most innovative creations in Europe.