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Brick by Brick: Ceramics Applied to Architecture


The show features a selection of three hundred ceramic pieces applied in architecture, from Antiquity to the present. The works are from both the Museum’s own collections and from numerous European museums. Open to 29 January 2017

Brick by Brick: Ceramics Applied to Architecture is the first exhibition devoted to the uses, functions, symbolism and aesthetics of this type of ceramic, with works from the ancient world to the present, particularly from the Mediterranean area, including the Middle East.

The show will include some three hundred pieces from forty European centres, both public and private, ranging from works from Ancient Mesopotamia to innovative modern-day projects.

In this exhibition, the Museu del Disseny aims to highlight the importance and the continuing use of ceramic in architecture, as well as focusing on both long-standing traditions and innovation in this field over the course of the millennia.

Curated by the architect Pedro Azara, the show will open simultaneously with the Forty-Seventh Congress of the International Academy of Ceramics in Barcelona, an event that will be hosted in the Disseny Hub Barcelona building, which also houses the Museum itself.

Parallel to the exhibition, moreover, the Museum will stage a programme of activities organised in cooperation with the Ceramics Chair of the International University of Catalonia.



Pedro Azara

Number of pieces


Exhibition fields

  • The projected home

    Monumental architecture was not improvised. Builders, by order of priests or monarchs, produced plans, models and reports which were believed to be inspired by

  • The constructed home

    Clay is a basic construction material; it is resistant and adaptable and has been employed by countless Mediterranean cultures since the Neolithic

  • The protected house

    In ancient times, resorting to magic was as fundamental as employing the appropriate technique and materials in the construction

  • The lived house

    Vitrified ceramics brings physical and mental comfort to those who live with them: it attracts the senses and the imagination. It imbues interiors with sensory

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