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Common objects. Local stories, global discussions


We associate design with objects that are present in our everyday lives. But also with certain objects that have something special. These are common objects to which design has given a new meaning thanks to the services they provide us, the originality of their look, the innovations they incorporate, what they communicate, or the emotions they awake in us.

They are common objects that merit this adjective also for other reasons: because they form part of popular culture, represent society and become fragments of the collective memory. And still further objects that are equally common because they are shared goods, and yet others that have a social purpose.

The singularity of common objects is revealed in different ways, which this exhibition reflects in four sections: Itinerary. Local stories, 1930-2020; Parliament. Global discussions; Variable exhibitions and #DESIGN_BARCELONA. Design of the city.



Oriol Pibernat


B floor


General admission: 6 €
Reduced admission: 4 €


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Exhibition fields

  • Itinerary. Local stories, 1930-2020

    AREA 1

  • Parliament. Gobal discussions

    AREA 2

  • Variable Exhibitions

    AREA 3

  • #Barcelona_Design

    AREA 4

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