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Digital Impact is an exhibition, but more than that, it is an experience; it is a city to explore and a map to name those people creating art’s present and future. It is a door to a revolutionary world, a bridge from Barcelona to the immersive, the colour, the shapes and the limitless imagination. It is a disruptive x-ray of the current state of digital art and design, a sample of the creative force of a reality full of possibilities. It’s breaking barriers, it’s creating, and it’s exciting. It is a space to enjoy, fill your eyes, feel, connect and be deeply human.

This exhibition wants to bring digital art closer to citizens and integrate into the collective consciousness the idea that digital, far from the coldness or asepsis with which it is often associated, can provoke reactions and emotions in the public that enter it.

Digital Impact stages, through the artistic avant-garde, design, poetry and interactivity, the impact that digital has on us and, above all, the effect that we have on it. With Barcelona as the playing field, it explores the different facets of the people and the city itself in that parallel reality to which we are destined to belong.


Héctor Ayuso
Oriol Pastor (comissaria tècnica)





B floor


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Exhibition fields

  • Machine Memoirs: Space

    Refik Anadol

  • Infinity

    Universal Everything 

  • Future You

    Universal Everything 

  • Public (II)

    Random International

  • Storms


  • Passengers: BCN

    Brendan Dawes

  • Your System is a Garden, too


  • Drift

    Josué Ibañez

  • A Cartography of Human Connection

    Domestic Data Streamers

  • Mercuri

    Alba G. Corral 

  • Digital Humans


  • Artificial Spaces

    Six N. Five and Someform

  • Duality

    Joëlle Snaith

  • Deep Time


  • Web Observatory


  • Oasis (Archive of the Heavens)

    Antoni Arola

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