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Dressing the 'Naked' Chair


Vestir la silla 'Desnuda' (Dressing the 'Naked' Chair) is a project curated by Silvia Garcia with the participation of the fashion design studios Bastida for Work, Bet Callieri, Camisas Manolo, Gabriel for Sach, Georgiela Studio, Rosa Tharrats i Rubearth. Each of them has created an exclusive ‘costume’ to decorate the iconic Naked Chair created 50 years ago by the designer Carles Riart, who conceived it with this in mind: "One day, watching television - then in black and white - I saw an advertisement for shirts that were promoted and sold as ‘the shirts in the silver box’ and then I thought that what I had to make was a naked object that people could then adorn as they pleased. Perhaps this would be the most significant feature of the Naked Chair: making the creative act a participatory process." - Carles Riart



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