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Extraordinary! Collections of decorative arts (3rd-19th Century)


Exhibition open until March 3.

This exhibition offers a chronological overview of the various collections of ceramics, textiles, furniture, glassware, miniatures, clocks, wallpaper and other objects from the 3rd to the 19th Century curated by the museum. This approach highlights the value of the collection while at the same time establishing relationships between them.

Throughout the exhibition, some thirty individual pieces form part of an open and concise overview of the history of the decorative arts in Catalonia, forming an on-going dialogue with the collections. In addition, some of the collections and pieces on show have not been available to the public for many years.

This exhibition, which brings together donations and acquisitions from citizens, collectors and artists, pays homage to the art of collecting which has contributed to Barcelona’s great artistic heritage.


Col·lecció d'Arts decoratives 


Pilar Vélez, directora del Museu del Disseny de Barcelona amb la col·laboració dels departaments de Col·leccions i Exposicions

Number of pieces



601 m2


2nd floor


General admission:6 €
Reduced admission: 4 €


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Exhibition fields

  • Individual pieces

    The way museums curate art objects can be divided into two categories. On the one hand, there are those that classify by type, material or origin as part of a

  • Collections

    The different collections are grouped by type but are exhibited chronologically, from the oldest – Coptic textiles from the 3rd Century – to the most recent –

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