The ocean speaks. New ecologies and new economies of the seas


An exhibition that analyses the impact of human action on marine ecosystems and reflects on how the city's relationship with the sea can be redesigned through an innovation-based approach.

Barcelona’s opening to the sea was one of the major structural changes that redefined the city in the 1990s. Now, the climate crisis is making us re-evaluate its relationship with the sea and the ecosystems it includes. The exhibition addresses this issue in an interdisciplinary way, covering architecture, fashion, technology, speculative design and urban planning, all of them disciplines that are capable of suggesting new approaches to the major challenges society is facing.

The starting point for this exhibition is the history of the relationship between a city – Barcelona – and its seafront. From here, it takes a thorough look at the conflicts and circumstances present in coastal communities all over the world, which are home to 40% of humankind and make up a significant proportion of our most valued land.


Jose Luis de Vicente


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