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Patterns and Recognitions


Patterns and Recognitions. A composition in three parts by United Visual Artists (UVA) brings together three specific artworks to explore how new technologies are integrated with traditional media such as sculpture or performance, and explores the conceptual frameworks and natural phenomena that make up our cognition:

Silent Symphony

Inspired by Ancient Greek philosophers’ belief that the universe produced an inaudible kind of music, Silent Symphony traces resonant frequencies and synchronicities occurring at the cosmic scale exploring their relation to our sense of harmony. Kinetic sculptures cast rotating planes of light and sound across the space. Oscillating between order and chaos, beams of light slice through space, creating complex patterns and interactions with the architecture, physicalising invisible energetic forces, such as gravity, giving them form as light and sound.

Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point employs perspective as both tool and visual outcome to reshape, redefine and represent a space. Inspired by sketches of Leon Battista Alberti, Leonardo DaVinci and Albrecht Dürer, the work forms part of United Visual Artists’ continuing explorations into programmable architecture and creating the illusion of light as a physical material. Light draws and constructs different geometries, volumes, divisions and architectural compositions in space that emerge from an arbitrary vanishing point. The work’s behaviour is unpredictable and without repetition.

Present Shock

Present Shock confronts the viewer with a barrage of statistical clocks representing real-time information about the world—from life-changing global events to the banal trivia of everyday existence—highlighting how the speed and volume of data in the Information Age present new challenges to our limited cognitive apparatus. Many of the statistics presented occur at timescales and spatial horizons that similarly defy our perception or comprehension. Disturbing the inertia of the here and now, they reveal the fluctuating state of dynamic transformation that characterizes life on earth.

The exhibition is part of the Llum BCN 24 programme.


Jose Luis de Vicente & Maria Güell Ordis






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