Synthetic Memories


The Public Office of Synthetic Memories is an installation that invites members of the public to take part in recovering and reconstructing their memories. The exhibition, Synthetic Memories, is an immersive display that merges technology and personal stories, featuring the images created in this office thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) prompted by city residents’ memories. And the repository will keep growing as residents who are interested participate in the project (by appointment only).  

The initiative is the brainchild of Domestic Data Streamers (DDS), which for over a decade now has been exploring how complex information can be transformed into action through data physicalisation, data art and data visualisation.

GEN-AI has been described as the ultimate manifestation of data. For some it’s the harbinger of a dystopian future, while for others it’s the path to a utopia. The possible benefits and dangers of AI are not mutually exclusive, and through this project, DDS seeks to highlight alternative uses of this technology. Instead of focusing solely on market-driven automation and optimisation, the goal is to improve our ability to understand and connect with each other.

The Public Office of Synthetic Memories is one of the projects that won an urban innovation grant in the 2023 edition of the BITHabitat Foundation’s Proactive City programme. 




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