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Tourism. Spaces of fiction


Tourism is now the leading economic activity in the world, an industry capable of meeting all our desires, of reproducing them and building them. And the tourist is the inhabitant of these coveted fiction spaces. From media, publicity and cinema, through theme parks and cities, and even the search for new experiences, the exhibition aims to bring us close to the reality of this great industry and to the designers who plan it. Tourism. Fiction Spaces sets out to analyse the relationship between design and desire, industry and consumption – a complex relationship, thronging with contradiction and tender moments. Like the society we live in.

The exhibition is designed to be face-to-face and virtual, taking full advantage of the new technologies to go one step further. On arrival, visitors are given a tablet PC with additional information on the various exhibits, enabling them to customise their itinerary to measure, depending on their interests. The tablet PC is activated as visitors enter each exhibition area. The exhibition is divided into eight areas, managed by eight curators under the direction of Ramon Prat. The idea is to enable visitors to come close up to a huge industry and its designers. 


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