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Transgressions. Contemporary Ceramics of the Museu del Disseny


The exhibition, a production of the Barcelona Design Museum, exhibit the new collection of contemporary ceramics that complements the existing one, which currently has more than a thousand objects and two hundred and thirty different authors, including artists such as Llorens Artigas, Picasso and Miró. In recent years, work has been done to keep this collection up to date, carefully following the new paths of ceramics and increasing it, so that it is a living and representative sample of current creation.

The results highlight the quality and great wealth of the creations, as well as the importance that these materials have been acquiring in other sectors such as design or ceramics applied to architecture.



Isabel Fernández del Moral

Exhibition fields

  • Material transgressions

    AREA 1.1

  • Conceptual transgressions

    ÀREA 1.2

  • Subtlety and transgression

    AREA 1.3

  • Craft-product design

    AREA 2

  • Ceramics and architecture. Ceràmica Cumella

    AREA 3

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