Mail-coach of Eusebi Bertrand Serra

In 1883, the inauguration of the Can Tunis racecourse marked the introduction of the mail-coach to Barcelona. Originating in England, this large vehicle had initially gained popularity in the early 19th century for transporting mail. Later, with slight modifications, it became a popular choice among the wealthier classes for outdoor leisure activities. This trend continued well into the 1920s.

Eusebi Bertrand y Serra (Barcelona, 1877-1945), an industrialist, financier, and politician, was also a passionate sportsman. His mail-coach was one of the few examples of this vehicle seen on Barcelona's streets. He gained recognition for his participation in carriage exhibitions and skill competitions held at the Real Polo Jockey Club de Barcelona in 1924 and 1925. 

In 1973, the sons of Eusebi Bertrand i Serra decided to give the mail-coach and other carriages belonging to the family to Barcelona City Council. Today, all of them are part of our heritage collection.

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