Barcelona Cultura

Preservation of the Collection

The preservation of the Collection's heritage objects requires preventive conservation measures for all movable assets, encompassing collections such as Decorative Arts, Textile and Clothing Arts, Graphic Arts, Contemporary Art, Product Design, Fashion, and Graphic Design.

Daily activities within the Collections Department involve the handling of heritage objects, including movements for conservation, registration, photographic sessions, additions, loans, exhibition setups, reserve installations, communications, activities, studies, and collection validations.

To ensure proper handling, storage, and installation of pieces, conservators and restorers collaborate with specialised staff in handling and moving heritage assets, employing necessary auxiliary tools such as hygienic pallets, reels, platforms, tables, ladders with wheels, pallet trucks, and electric lifts.

The meticulous handling of heritage pieces, the selection of conservation materials, and the supports used for installation and exhibition, along with overseeing packaging, transportation, movements, and accompanying mailing when necessary, as well as managing documentation generated from conservation-restoration reports, collectively contribute to the protection of our heritage.

We collaboratively design and supervise appropriate supports, considering both the objects and the container spaces. This includes pallets, grilles, and compact containers designed with various structural materials tailored to each piece housed in the Collection, featuring shelves, bars, removable bars, drawers, or grilles).

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