The reserve: a space for the Conservation and Management of Collections

The reserve, also known as the storeroom or storage room, serves as the central hub for the Museum's internal operations, housing and managing its collections. It plays a vital role in conserving stored assets while facilitating collections management.

Preserving objects within the reserve is a collective responsibility, necessitating efficient organization and ongoing supervision. This space facilitates various activities, including handling and movement of collections for exhibitions, loans, education, and conservation efforts, as well as documentation, research, and public engagement initiatives like the annual In Museum activity.

The reserve's layout is tailored to accommodate different collection typologies, considering factors like quantity, materials, dimensions, and support integrity while maximizing available space. It ensures climatic stability and appropriate lighting conditions to safeguard the heritage objects. Objects are stored in designated areas such as cupboards, shelves, grilles, pallets, or chests of drawers, meticulously arranged to accommodate daily professional activities focused on preserving our shared heritage.

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