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“Sustainability is based on a good eco-design.” Interview with Verónica Amorós, Endutex

We often see how design and innovation work together as a response to current challenges. For this reason, the MATERFAD Materials Centre has created the Green Pill label which recognises the contribution to sustainability in the field of design.

The latest  product to receive this seal has been the Biotex textile material, a biodegradable product based on renewable and natural materials developed by the technical team at Endutex. In this interview, we talk to Verónica Amorós, the Director of Marketing at Endutex, about this material and about the challenges the company will face in the future.

You have recently launched the Biotex biodegradable textile materials. What are their properties and advantages?

The Biotex collection has two product lines. On the one hand, biodegradable products, manufactured with 100% biodegradable cotton, and on the other, the Recifel 400 FR, a textile manufactured with patented RefibraTM technology. This pioneering technology involves recycling a substantial proportion of cotton leftovers from garments. These post-consumer textiles, mixed with wood pulp, form a new raw material that is transformed to produce new virgin fibres which are used to make fabrics.

The second category of Biotex products are textiles made with 100% recycled, biological, plant-based thread, rather than petroleum-based products, a feature that makes them more environmentally friendly.

Can you explain some specific examples of applications in the field of design?

The Biotex products are ideal for customising any surface, such as walls, floors, ceilings, headboards, decorative pieces, etc., or any space or product design that needs a printed textile, for retail or corporate image applications, for advertising media, for architecture applications, such as exhibition design or stands and even for artistic works.

Materfad has awarded you the Green Pill label. How do you feel about receiving this recognition?

We’re very grateful for having received the Green Pill label and we want to enter into a collaborative approach which continues after this event which we held for a few days ago at the Disseny Hub arranged by Materfad. Our aim is to familiarise the design, architecture, interior decorating, art, industrial design and graphics community with our materials and the customised equipment (which includes both the printing of materials and cutting tables).

Are design, innovation and sustainability inseparable concepts for you? If so, why?

Yes, because sustainability is based on a good eco-design, intended to be re-used or recycled. Innovation helps us improve the entire process on a path to an increasingly sustainable, healthy, respectful world and in harmony with nature.

Let's talk about the future: what new challenges will have to be faced?

New research is being carried out to provide an answer to the recycling of the materials after their use. In other words, being able to separate, collect, crush and send all types of waste to different manufacturing processes in order to avoid landfills and incinerators, which are highly pollutant.

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