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Interlibrary loans

The interlibrary loan service enables you to consult books or magazines from other libraries. These documents are only available on the Reference Room of the Documentation Centre. This service is free if the documents come from institutions with which we have reciprocity agreements.

In other cases, the fees are:

Original loan (per physical volume)
A state libraries 8 €
A library of the rest of Europe: € 27
A US libraries and other countries: € 30

Copies of documents up to 40 pages 5 €
Each block of 10 additional copies 1 €

To access this service you must have a User Card of the Documentation Centre.

The use of the interlibrary loan implies knowledge, acceptance and compliance with all the rules and rates that regulate it. In any case, the service is subject to the legislation regarding copyright and conditions of the loan supplying center.

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