Barcelona Cultura

Graphic Design

This collection is formed by historic and contemporary pieces that illustrate the technological evolution of graphic art over three centuries. Accordingly, the greater part of the collection is formed by dies, letter presses (with the typefaces, punches, dies from outstanding sets ranging from the eighteenth to the twentieth century), and photoengraving cuts and chalcographic plates by various local practitioners.

Particularly outstanding are the collections of typographic models from the Impremta Reial (Royal Printers, eighteenth-nineteenth centuries), those by such key typographers as Eudald Canibell (1858-1928), and woodcut printing blocks, important for both their quantity and quality, by such artists as Josep Obiols (1894-1967).

The collection also includes printed matter since the eighteenth century, focusing particularly on the last third of the nineteenth and the first third of the twentieth. This heritage includes such typologies as popular engraving (Amades Collection), wallpaper (nineteenth-twentieth century), endpapers, playing cards, advertising and packaging (including labels and wrappers).

The pieces conserved are mainly from Barcelona printers such as Bobes, Roca i Alemany and Seix Barral.



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